Tell Us What You Need

Time for phase two of this site.  We’re ready to help publicize who needs what and who can help.  Put your feedback in the comments or email to me at

1.  Tell us exactly what you need.
     Everyone’s allowed to go back home to Slidell today to assess damage.  You have a list of things you need.  Or you have a list of what someone else needs.  Tell us.  We’ll make it visible and flow the right help to you faster.

2.  Tell us your story.
      What happened on your block?  In your family?  In your mind?  Tell us your stories about the storm and help us make it real, local and living for those around the world ready to read & respond to your plight.  One  of my friends went back to find the little dream house they built with their own hands under 12 feet of water.  Another found only pilons.  His wife, from Canada, said they’re going to take the check and head north for a complete restart.  Another sent me a heartbreaking email of losing all her possessions when it flooded in an area not deemed a flood zone.  She hadn’t been able to get flood insurance once hurricane season started.   Gatemouth Brown, the well-known bluesman who lived on Highway 11, is going back to rubble.  No way for an 87-year old man to deal with the final months of his battle with terminal cancer.  

Every wrecked and flooded house and business has a host of stories like this.  We want to help you tell them.  The more the world knows, the more it can help.