Post An Update of Your Own

Here is an experiment.  We’ve created a way for you to post your updates directly to this blog.  Please don’t abuse this.  I’ll moderate the posts and keep it all focused on what we’re trying to do.  If you want to post a question or a notice looking for someone, please go here or here.  Use the blog to publicize update information about damage, relief efforts, safety info, routes back, etc.   We appreciate the help you can provide.  Over ten thousand people are reading this every day, and they need to hear what is going on.  So, help us.  Tell your friends to email in updates as well.  Together, we can put together a really detailed look at what is happening in our town. 

How to Post to Slidell Hurricane Damage Blog Using Your Own Email

Send an email to

Your subject line = title of the post

The message = the content of the post

Please don’t send images this way.   The automated system doesn’t know how to deal with it.  Do send photos or (even better) links to your photos to and I’ll post when I can.   

Let’s see if we can all author this thing together.  I think we can. 

Note:  send only plain text email.  HTML email tends to come out kinda wonky.