What We Love About Slidell

Maybe the best way to rebuild a place is to recount the reasons you love that place.  We’re going to make a running list of the things we love about Slidell.  Send us yours at brian[at]oberkirchs[dot]com.  I’ll make a separate page of these things that we can keep under the pillow, in a pocket next to our hearts,  on the hotel room nightstand, as balm & buoy while we’re watching and dealing with all this. So, we’ll start:

What We Love About Slidell

We stop each other in the grocery store and talk & talk & talk.  At the end of that chat, before you go back to your life, they ask how your mom & dad are.

My kids are growing up with my friends’ kids.

That my son asks me to ride around town with him and tell him ‘about the old days.’  

That my kids can go to the same church that I was raised in, married in, spent every Christmas eve in.

That Judy Farrow & her amazing group of friends have had lunch every Tuesday together for 18 years.

That people from Bayou Liberty will say they are going to Slidell when they need to go shopping.

Slidell High football games.

Southside Cafe.

Hanging with my friend Chuck Walker who can remember everything that has ever happened to us since first grade.

How seeing the sign saying ‘Entering St. Tammany Parish’ just makes you feel better.

Eating crawfish and drinking too many beers while we all talk all night.

Zebra, bra.

That everyone in town is connected by maybe two degrees of separation through David Cry.

Kenney Seafood.

5 napkin roast beef poboys. 

That John Besh started cooking at The Cast Net and speaks fondly of what he learned.  

That as I stand on the first base line at an SBBA field, all my coaches  (Bert, Pat, Sam) will walk by and say hello in the course of a few innings.

That the Ten Acres my dad and everyone else’s dad worked so hard to build has like a zillion fields and a zillion baseball mad kids today. 

That when a man as good as Ned Eades passes on, the entire town stops and properly honors him.  

Taking the kids to Heritage Park.

Beignets at the train station.

That you might be in shorts or snow on Christmas day.   

That you can start a web site and your high school friends from all over the world will call & email you to check on you and say hello.

Lise says:

I love the smell of Slidell water. I always know I’m home when I smell rotten eggs.

I love that I complain when I have to go ALL THE WAY OUT to the mall from my house (I live on Carey) because its just too far, a whole 10, maybe 15 minutes if traffic is bad.

As much as I hate Gause traffic, I loved cruising Gause, and hanging out in the Kmart parking lot.

Jessica Petus says:

I never thought I would be able to call Slidell my home. I’m a transplant from Florida who moved there because her husband desperately missed his “hometown”. Now that we have had to gather our belongings, pack up our children and flee the area for a hurricane I find myself missing “my home”. My house in Slidell. The area that I have spent the past few years in, raising my girls. Participating in Girl Scouts, soccer, dance lessons, supporting the PTA @ FL Avenue and Slidell Junior High. I can’t wait to go back to my home and rebuild our life there. I can truly say that there is no better sense of community. I was a virtual outsider and this city has opened up it’s arms to me and welcomed me to a home I didn’t think I needed but now can’t imagine my life without.

We will be back. We will rebuild and Slidell will be as strong as ever.

John Pettus says:

I have loved Slidell ever since I moved there as a 4 year old when my dad started working for Michoud Assembly Facility (back when it was Martin Marrietta). I moved away in 1998 when I got married and couldn’t stay away. My family and I moved back in 2002 and have been happy ever since. I have so many wonderful memories of this town from Boy Scout troop 365 at St. Margaret Mary to countless years of playing soccer at Kingspoint, Bayou Liberty and Possom Hollow. Here goes what I love about Slidell:
-Eating at Southside Cafe
-Eating at La Rosetta’s and chatting with Sam at the same time.
-Playing cards with the Dale’s, B.I.L.S, Larry, Sam, Robby, Charlie and anyone else we could get.
-Playing cards at Dr. Gustafson’s house in Chamale with a bunch of people I don’t know but loving every minute of it.
-Knowing that the area of Slidell I lived in, I could actually forget to lock the door to my car or forget to shut the garage and not have any problem
-Knowing that at any given time, my girls were with the Tanner’s on Eastwood Dr or their girls were with my family instead
-Knowing that whatever happens to our beloved town, that it will be rebuilt as good as new. The American spirit is alive and well in Slidell and we will not be kept down. 

Kristy Wakula says:

Salmen high football games.. GO SPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

La pines Cafe Too rocks my socks and roast my chicken!

Janice Goodman says:

I grew up in Slidell and left after high school. My Mom and Sister are still in Slidell so I come back often. It is my home and I plan to return there when I retire in a few years.

In thinking about all the things I love about Slidell I realized most of them aren’t there any more. Frosttop on Ponchatrain had the best hamburgers and we’d eat them while watching the tv in the window of the tire store next door. Bosco’s was the only restaurant in town and we went there for everything. The Purple Pickle on front street was a teenage hangout we all frequented at a time when the Fritchies actually lived in the Fritchie house across the street. I could go on and on.

When thinking about all the things I love about Slidell and realizing that they are gone now made me understand what I really love about Slidell. It is the spirit of the people. There was a time when everyone knew everyone else in town. That’s not true anymore but it dosen’t matter. The spirit is still there. It is that spirit that will rebuild Slidell into the wonderful place it was before this disaster. I’ll still be able to retire there. It will once again be my home.

Everybody needs to have faith and keep on going. Each day set a goal and work toward it. Small steps forward each day.

Kathy Vendetti says:

How do I love thee, let me count the ways.
- Community spirit that abounds in neighborhoods
- Excellent school system with excellent teachers
- The sense of safety
- Good food and good friends
- Clean air and spring water
- sports for our kids and adults
- people that care about one another and are willing to give to help a stranger
I love Slidell and I love its people for many, many reasons-it breaks my heart to be away.

The Hovers say:

Mickey loves teaching with teachers at PJP that were once her students. And, the rest of the staff too.

Mickey loves living less than a mile from her mama and the house she grew up in.

Mickey loves saying that her and Andrew were born and raised in Slidell.

Amanda loves sno balls, egg water, having to eat seafood on Fridays during lent, Having people over to watch Mardi Gras parades from my house on Carey St., PJP footballs game, Sunny days on the water, and everyone who lives there and WILL be back.

Andrew loves living on the water on Bayou Liberty

Carey says:

things I love:

-Going anywhere in town with my best friend who lives in Picayune and impressing him by always knowing someone every place we go in the course of a night.

-Knowing all the regulars at the starbucks on front stree and letting them try and guess which random drink I want that day.

-Going to heritage park at 11 at night and just sitting there listening to the sounds of the night

Karol says:

I lived in Slidell for 13 years (91–04) and have now relocated to Phoenix.AZ. It was the hardest thing I have ever done to leave the place I felt the most connected and loved in my life. My kids were both born at Slidell Memorial among the excellent,dedicated staff that has been there for years on end. I have had almost a year now to consider the things I love most about Slidell and I can tell you my heart is breaking as I pray continually for you all at this time. Here goes………….The beautiful streets bordered by mature trees….the fun of a picnic at Hertitage Park with my best friend Rachel with our kids……looking through the sea of “bikes” at Southside on a Wednesday night to let my husband know The Harvest just let out and it’s time for him to park his Harley to attend Worship Band practice…….Blackberry Snow Balls with condensed milk………..Crawfish from Cajun Boys Seafood…………….Stuffed artichokes and Seafood Creole at Ida’s…………….Shrimp stuffed mushrooms at Vera’s………..Lunch with my friend Tanya at Cucos when we used to talk so intently she would have to remind me to eat and I’d wind-up having to take most of it home in a box afterwards………..Serving the community of wonderful, smart, industrious children and families with the best staff in the world at Head Start………Miss Sherry’s Sock-it-to-me Cakes on my birthday at work………….friends who became family and always will be no matter where I live………………Night’s of Worship at the Harvest on Pontchartrain Drive……….Hearing Pastor Doug preach………..Hearing Pastor Rachel play the piano and lead worship………….knowing no matter what happened there was always going to be a spirit of excitement about things getting even better………That is the spirit in Slidell and it is the one which will allow the future to be even better than the past. God Bless You All!

Lori Pichon Millford says:

I love:
Having the last name Pichon

Having my husband say ,”DO you know everyone?”

The unbelievable faculty at Bonne Ecole who truly love each other and always does what’s best for kids!!!

Bon Village


Always being happy to be home agin!!!!

Being able to say I am homegrown!!!!!!!


Mardi Gras parades