Signs of Life on Hwy 11

Our trusty seafaring correspondent Bianca Brooks sent us this update some time ago, about signs of life in the Hwy 11 area.

We saw last night that the Winn Dixie on Hwy 11 is reopening for business today!

Vera’s has a sign up near the Hwy 11 Bridge that they’re planning to reopen in the spring.

Construction on Southside Cafe is progressing rapidly after their devastating fire right before they tried to open in early November.

Jack’s has put a trailer in front of their Hwy 11 location and is open for business.

Eden Isles Hardware has had a propane tank delivered, they’re waiting on electrical hookups to start selling.


1777 Responses to “Signs of Life on Hwy 11”

  1. Bianca Brooks Says:

    There’s even more activity on Hwy 11 since I sent that email. We finally have someone selling gasoline, the Cracker Barrell down by the Hwy 11 Bridge has also opened for business.

  2. Red County, California Says:

    Carnival of Hurricane Relief, #17

    Merry Christmas to everyone doing hurricane relief!

  3. Eric Says:

    Merry Christmas from a fellow Katrina Survivor (I was attending a communications course at Keesler AFB, Boloxi, MS). You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. You are not forgotten!

    Have a safe happy 2006!

    Eric S & Family
    Boonville, NY

  4. irma Says:

    hi, iam a slidellian forst to live out of state! the so call landowners jack up the price so we cann’t come home !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to come home i have lived all my 60 years in slidell my dad and my grandmother and her parents are from bayou liberty. i think its a crime that they are alowed to get away with it.

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  7. Terry Says:

    I worked at Conoco, owned by the same people that have Jacks. Glad to see Aj and family getting back to normal along hyw. 11. NOW…when will T’s be open?! That was the best of times, at T’s.
    I am in Kentucky now, but really hope to come back to Slidell, if nothing eles, to visit. I miss everyone there.
    T. Frederick McCormick

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