Bummed out? You’re not alone.

Not sure about you, but I’ve had more than my share of freakout lately.  Seems as though I’m not alone.  My doc says he has about 6 to 10 patient discussions about depression each day.  Plus, this recent Chris Rose column puts it as only Chris Rose can put it:

It has been said to me, almost a dozen times in exactly the same words: "Everyone here is mentally ill now."

Some who say this are health care professionals voicing the accumulated wisdom of their careers and some are laymen venturing a psychological assessment that just happens to be correct.

With all due respect, we’re living in Crazy Town.

The only lines at retail outlets longer than those for lumber and refrigerators are at the pharmacy windows, where fidgety, glassy-eyed neighbors greet each other with the casual inquiries one might expect at a restaurant:

"What are you gonna have? The Valium here is good. But I’m going with the Paxil. Last week I had the Xanax and it didn’t agree with me."

We talk about prescription medications now like they’re the soft-shell crabs at Clancy’s. Suddenly, we’ve all developed a low-grade expertise in pharmacology.

Everybody’s got it, this thing, this affliction, this affinity for forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, confusion, laughing at inappropriate circumstances, crying when the wrong song comes on the radio, behaving in odd and contrary ways.


552 Responses to “Bummed out? You’re not alone.”

  1. Paul Farrow Says:

    Brian, there seems to be a problem with the link. I found the article here:


    The site may ask you for your zip code, yob, and gender as part of a survey. But after that you get directly to the article.

    Ah, good old Chris Rose. I looked through some of his other articles. I laughed, cried and scowled. But ultimately the articles made me homesick.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Paul: thanks for the heads up. I fixed the link. We miss you. Come home & see us.

  3. thinking of ALL of you Says:

    My heart goes out to all of you - and to your animals - who are STILL starving and dying in the worst ways.

    SEE here : justthinkingaboutit.blogspot.com

    No person or animal/pet should have to endure what your community has.

    I truly hope you all find the strengh and resolve to SOMEHOW continue with your lives. I would not wish these circumstances upon my worst enemy.

    Peace to you.

  4. Rachel Taylor Polk Says:

    Hi Brian and Hope!
    So very nice to see some friendly names. This website is really awesome. The ‘Chris Rose article’ is the first thing that has made me laugh out loud since good ‘ol Katrina changed everyone’s life. At least we know some things remain the same….Chris Rose is always PRICELESS even in the time of crisis…I love his wit. I hope you are both doing well—it has been such a long time since I have seen the two of you; however, you have never been forgotten…How long have Brian and I gone to school together and been in the same classes? Like all 12 years?
    Love you guys,
    Rachel “Taylor” Polk

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