Twin Span Opening?

Jeepers, check it.  Here is says that one of the twin spans will open today.  Good news.

181 Responses to “Twin Span Opening?”

  1. Carey Says:

    my mom took the twin span and said it was surreal, i can’t wait to try it out just to see it. i wonder if it would really be too much trouble just to drive over it and come right back just to take pictures and see it

  2. lesbonstemps Says:

    We took the Twin Span on Sunday. It was so strange to see the other span with huge chunks missing. But it’s an improvement to have even one side open, and it’s amazing that they fixed it so quickly. When we came into Slidell via the Hwy 11 Bridge on Wednesday, before the Twin Span had reopened, we were stuck in traffic for hours.

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