More Slidell Photos

Here is a link to more Slidell images.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve limited out on these.  Plus, driving through these areas doesn’t compare to seeing the images.  It’s overwhelming.  We worked today gutting a house off Indian Village Road and at another place in Eden Isles.  Focus helps.  I encourage you to find someone to help or to give someone a specific task they can help you with.  Help someone clean up.  Gut their house.  Watch their kids.  Buy them some new clothes.  Cook a meal.  Talk to them and give em some much needed love.  We’re all in this together. 

269 Responses to “More Slidell Photos”

  1. toni orsini Says:

    I wish you could pass that wonderful attitude to the people of New Orleans. I have been so impressed with the Mayor and Sheriff of Slidell. You all have set a terrific example. Hope others pay attention.

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    where is the video that guy did of carr drive, showing the destruction happening?

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