Looking for Information on the Homrich’s

Can someone help here?  I did quick searchs on Katrinalist.net and on our Wiki & Seeker sites, but didn’t find anything.  Melissa is with the Salvation Army in Seattle and is trying to help out:

My name is Melissa and I work for The Salvation Army in Seattle,
Washington.  We received a handwritten note on the back of a donation slip,
written in shaky hand, from a man named Lyle Homrich.  He said he had had
no news of his niece and nephew in Slidell, their names are Jan-Marie
Homrich and Jack Homrich, Jr.  I have searched on-line at the Red Cross
site and several others and have had no luck; I don’t know if you are aware
of any other way to find out about these folks?  It looks like your blog is
all-things-Slidell, do you have any advice?

Melissa Nakamura
NW Divisional Social Services / Statistics
206.217.1209 FAX


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