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Signs of Life on Hwy 11

Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Our trusty seafaring correspondent Bianca Brooks sent us this update some time ago, about signs of life in the Hwy 11 area.

We saw last night that the Winn Dixie on Hwy 11 is reopening for business today!

Vera’s has a sign up near the Hwy 11 Bridge that they’re planning to reopen in the spring.

Construction on Southside Cafe is progressing rapidly after their devastating fire right before they tried to open in early November.

Jack’s has put a trailer in front of their Hwy 11 location and is open for business.

Eden Isles Hardware has had a propane tank delivered, they’re waiting on electrical hookups to start selling.


Slidell Stories for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Monday, December 19th, 2005

Help us tell your stories.  We got an email from a producer at Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition looking for inspiring stories of need/heroism/etc.  here in town.  Post your stories in the comments, use the self-posting feature listed in the right sidebar, or (as an option of last resort) email me.

Hey Brian - been looking at your blog, and my name is Vinny Rutherford & I’m
a producer on the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on ABC. We’re
currently researching stories regarding the victims of this past hurricane
season and the rebuilding efforts in Texas, Mississippi, New Orleans &
Florida. We’re going to be shooting these 1 hour episodes in Feb., and I’m
part of the team assigned to the New Orleans area.

Our execs feel strongly about using our shows popularity by doing some
projects that will have an impact on the community as a whole like
rebuilding playgrounds, get supplies to schools, rebuilding food ministries,

In addition to that we’re also looking for personal stories and how maybe we
can help individual families in some way. From throwing a wedding that got
cancelled to helping a displaced family who has a member that needs a bone
marrow transplant, right now the range is that wide. By doing all of this
it’s our hope that what is happening down here gets back into the national
news cycle in a positive light and ultimately, get more help from the rest
of the country.

I recently had a meeting at Mt.Olive AME Food Ministry with the Mayor,
Police Chief and other town officials of Slidell. We’re currently
considering doing a project or projects in Slidell and are wondering what
needs the community has and I’d like to hear it from the people themselves
as well.

If you could ask your readers, what they’d like us to do (aside from
building them a house, we’re not doing that on the specials)- do you need
anything that the storm destroyed, etc…are there any personal stories of
heroism, or going above and beyond the call of duty - things of this nature.
Write or give me a call at my New Orleans cell. The more stories I have in
Slidell the better the chance they’ll choose this town to shoot in.


It’s a Blue Roof Christmas Again @ Lakeside

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

NWS1204_BLUETARP_P1.JPG.jpg Perhaps you’ve followed the on-again, off again, now on again saga of the unique holiday display at Lakeside Mall.  (Me, I can’t get anywhere near the Christmas spirit just now, but I’ll work on it.)  Short version:  the displays at Lakeside typically have some fun built in, this year, naturally, it has some storm elements.  (Can *you* have a conversation in which the storm doesn’t come up?)  A few too-fair folks complained, and the mall managers flinched.  Had them take it down.  It appears after hundreds of complaint emails, it’s back.  Hooray.   I’ll take a double dose of the funny, please.